Friday, October 12, 2007


What Year is This?

They love to do their homework -- "This fall, the internationally known seminary -- a century-old training ground for Southern Baptists -- began reinforcing those traditional gender roles with college classes in homemaking. The academic program, open only to women, includes lectures on laundering stubborn stains and a lab in baking chocolate-chip cookies. Philosophical courses such as 'Biblical Model for the Home and Family' teach that God expects wives to graciously submit to their husbands' leadership. A model house, to be completed by next fall, will allow women to get credit toward bachelor's degrees by learning how to set tables, sew buttons and sustain lively dinnertime conversation."

I wonder if the wife has to "graciously submit" to beatings when the she "gets out of hand"? Is that what God meant? Couldn't it be seen that way? Does the wife have to "graciously submit" to an allowance? This is wrong in so many ways. This should gain the ire of everyone. It is indeed a free country. This is just a bad way to exhibit shackling yourself to your husband through your education.

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