Monday, December 31, 2007


The Kentucky Post's Last Edition

The Cincinnati Post - Readers give thanks, share memories: "I remember the highlight of my mom's days - the arrival of The Post. Mom retreated to her favorite chair where she read for an hour or so."

This woman, in saying goodbye to the Post, shares my memory. My Mom would take, does take, much more than one hour with a paper, but we have loved the Kentucky Post for many years now. It is the paper that tells us, even almost nine years after we moved from Kentucky to California, what is happening back home. I have so dreaded the end of the paper, although have been eager for this year to end, as my Master's program was finished just a week ago. My Mom and I have logged in each day to check the weather, the headlines, and the obituaries. It has always been a great paper for Northern Kentucky, and I can only hope that with a one-person staff and probably very little funding services us as well. We will miss The Post a great deal and appreciate what it has done for us so far away!

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