Friday, December 14, 2007


Lowry Calls it 'Huckacide' Rich Lowry: "Democrats have to be looking at Huckabee the way Republicans once regarded Dean -- as a shiny Christmas present that is too good to be true."

Very true. He is too religious for moderate Republicans which he will need in the general, and he is the least intelligent and charismatic of the entire field. If the American public have a hard time rallying around Bush for more than three months after an event the magnitude of 9/11, there will never be rallying around the Huck. His rise in Iowa simply reminds me that Iowa does not appropriately represent the rest of the country any more than San Francisco or Miami. Can we please move on without religious fervor as part of our leader into an age where we concentrate on what is really important, Islamic extremism and the fallout of their threat? That is still the central issue. One cannot truly care about the economy or domestic programs more than extremists if they are serious candidates. The economy is dependent, whether we like it or not, on our ability to continue our success over terrorists and eventually win. Without a healthy economy (stemming from a long period without major homeland strikes), a President cannot introduce domestic programs or continue those that Americans currently depend upon. To say that these clearly secondary issues are central to your decision in the next election neglects common sense. Ask yourself who is most prepared to handle a national security crisis and who will represent this country's values in those moments, hours, days and months after to the best of his or her ability. Remind yourself of the fear, sadness and anger you felt in those days and months after 9/11. Remind yourself of that uncertainty. Who could you really rally around knowing that they could lead a practical, smart, cohesive response to disaster? One thing I know for sure...even Huck's supporters would have a hard time rallying around him in those moments. He is not the guy for this country at this time. I certainly hope that primary voters come to that conclusion in short order.

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