Saturday, December 29, 2007


Security for Bhutto

U.S. gave Bhutto intelligence on dangers she faced - Los Angeles Times: "Yet though acknowledging the danger, U.S. officials stopped short of providing direct security services, such as the private contractors they have arranged for Afghan President Hamid Karzai and for top leaders in Iraq."

This was another pressing question that I had as the news hit. Why weren't we helping with security? It is one thing to talk about it and do it in the open. It is quite another to provide security quietly, which is what I thought we did for people like Bhutto. Isn't that part, albeit a small part, of what our CIA does for political figures that have an impact in places like Pakistan? I am not an insider, but that is what I always figured. If it isn't what our intelligence and security agencies do for our allies in trouble, then maybe the question should be, "why not"?? I hope we don't find that we should have through an outcome that is even worse than our greatest fears.

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