Sunday, January 27, 2008


Cincinnati's "Illegals"

The Enquirer - Stop using illegal - and remember Cincinnati's history: "Perhaps because it has been close to 100 years since the last mass migration of foreign-born people arrived in Cincinnati, we have forgotten how mistreated and belittled the Catholic Germans were when they arrived. We have forgotten how the native Cincinnatians denigrated their culture, their religion and their language as they looked askance at Over-the-Rhine and winced at the possibility that these 'Dutch' might, someday, vote. The fathers of our city tried to outlaw Catholicism and banned the speaking of German. Yet, the immigrants came in spite of the hostility, and continued for several decades."

The Lady Bromberg makes a point here. Much the way that so many are avoiding looking at Romney's religion based on a lesson learned over forty years ago, Bromberg forcefully suggests that we remember lessons learned in the immigration debate as well. Many, at even the suggestion that the debate is more complicated than legality, shake their heads patronizingly. The truth, however, is that this debate is a great deal more complicated than the mere laws. We all know though that people are much more willing to take a stance that can fit on a bumper sticker rather than one that is "complicated".

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