Sunday, January 13, 2008


LATimes is Bowing to the Catholic Church in Dangerous Ways

Juan Arzube, 89; bishop was lauded as an activist but tainted by accusation - Los Angeles Times: "Arzube's years at St. Alphonsus were troubled in other ways as well. He was pastor there from 1971 to 1981; during that time, two other priests stationed at the parish with him were also accused of sexually molesting minors.

'Assignment histories show that several molester priests were closely associated with Arzube,' said De Marco, who took Arzube's deposition in 2006 while investigating his client's case.

'Several times in his deposition, Arzube acknowledged taking altar boys to his bedroom to train them,' said De Marco. 'That is how Arzube abused him,' De Marco said of his client.

'I believe that Arzube communicated an acceptance of that conduct to other priests,' De Marco said"

The headline is obnoxious. Why does the Times think it has to kiss the rear of the Catholic Church? If this was a CEO of an oil firm, would we talk about any of his accomplishments after there was accusations and admissions to colleagues of child sexual abuse? I can answer that. No, absolutely not. Never! The fact that this bishop was "lauded" could not be less important in the scheme of things. Everyone who reads this who cares about any children at all should be offended in every way! Any adult who takes "boys to [their] room to train them" should be imprisoned, plain and simple. And the LATimes should apologize for caring that others looked past this behavior and cared more about his good deeds than his devilish ones. Juan cared more about his deviancy than he did his faith, the Church, God or those little boys. The fact that so many people appear not to see that is, well, frightening.

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