Friday, January 11, 2008


NKY.Com - Sweet Alice grabs blues torch

NKY.Com - Sweet Alice grabs blues torch: "And, with the recent passing of fellow Queen City blues greats H-Bomb Ferguson and Big Joe Duskin, Hoskins finds herself among the last of her generation of performers, still fussing and fighting to have her songs heard and teach a new generation about an art that she says makes up the very core of her life."

Sweet Alice and the Unfinished Business Blues Band were my introduction to adult blues. I say adult only because she has a tendency of smacking her rear and saying things that sailors would consider before uttering. She was (and probably still is) a great showman. My friends and I used to go see her at a BBQ place in Northern Kentucky when we were in high school. She showed us a side of blues that was rarely seen, and we appreciate her and remember her for it.

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