Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Who Wrote this Crap?

Protest leads pope to cancel speech - Los Angeles Times: "Is the pope hostile toward science? Benedict is a strong intellectual who has emphasized the importance of reason in the practice of faith. Yet he also says evolution is the work of a divine creator, and helped defeat Italian laws that liberalized scientifically assisted fertility."

The author, Tracy Wilkinson, does not get it. "Emphasized the importance of reason"? Emphasizing its importance and employing reason are actually birds of a different feather. Working to disallow barren couples from having children is both hostile to science and to humanity. That is saying to the couple, "If God didn't make you capable of having children, suck it up." These stances should make a person angry. This Pope is no more a man of reason than the man on the moon. This Pope is hostile to science in a way that is dangerous to even those he attempts to lead. Once again, the LATimes is giving the Catholic Church a pass in a really dangerous and ignorant way.

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