Thursday, April 03, 2008


Death Sentences for Gay Children...why no cry for a stop to THIS violence

For Slain Youth, World Wide Web Of Mourners - "Here's what we know: At E.O. Green Junior High School in Oxnard, Calif., Larry wore purple eye shadow, pink lipstick and high-heeled boots. And Larry reportedly told Brandon McInerney, 14, a member of the Young Marines program, that he liked him. Then, on the morning of Feb. 12, during English class, Brandon allegedly walked into the computer lab with a handgun and shot Larry in the back of the head."

What we also know is that this wasn't covered. I heard that a kid was murdered because he was gay, but not the story. How can this not be "news"? I know how. There are an awful lot of people out there who would rather gay folks jump out of 11th floor windows than be gay. This line of thought is perpetuated by folks who fight against gay marriage. I saw a black family outside a store running a table to get petition signatures against gay marriage in California. I thought, of all people to inhibit the civil rights of others, a black family. Go figure. While inside the store, I saw a girl who was rather obviously a lesbian and thought how awful it must have been to walk in front of those tables of hate to go shopping, the signature-gatherers looking at her with those demonic eyes that said with no words that she was going to hell. This lesbian had no way of getting into that store without having those hate-mongers as they were set up at each of the two entrances. I was so sad for her. Frankly, I was too angry to be sad for the family who set up the table, although I did think how awful it must be to be raised in that environment. They had a kid or two there. Those kids know that if their lives at all veer off the norm, their parents will cut them off, neglect them. That is a very real fear. Their parents would likely confirm that, setting the ultimatum to instill fear and force those children on a course toward "normal". This, remember, is all in the name of God.

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