Monday, April 28, 2008


Proud of Shep's Show Today

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Okay, so first of all, Shep talked about the biggest news story of today. That was sadly, of course, Rev. Wright at the National Press Club. Shep played many, many clips and had on Greta Van Sustern who was at the Press Club luncheon. She talked about the scuttlebutt among the journalists after the speech. She said that many of the listeners were made uncomfortable by his pronouncements and his buttressing of his formerly "misunderstood" statements. Shep was wise to constantly remind his viewers that Obama has distanced himself from the Reverend. He also had Marc Lamont Hill on the show.
Marc is a smart guy, well-read and all, but he worries me. Today was no different as he wanted very much to both parse the Reverend's remarks as well as to add meaning that I am still as yet unclear he had the authority to add. Most importantly, he left open the door to the possibility that the US government might well have ("since it clearly has the ability") introduced the AIDS virus to the African American community. Shep stopped him angrily, which made Marc change his stance, although I am not clear that he believes the latter statement.
Also, there is this desire by the Reverend to make the attack on his stupid sermons as an attack on all black churches. This means we would all have to believe that all black churches have ignorant and inflammatory pastors, and we would have to believe that all black church parishioners are stupid enough to get up early every Sunday to listen to that garbage. I don't. In fact, it feels like he is trying to forcefeed a race debate that is wholly unnecessary. He no more represents the black church community than the man on the moon. Or at least that is what makes sense to me. If he does, I just don't want to know it. I just don't want to believe it.
Also, on the Reverend...In his appearance with Bill Moyers, he said that Obama says what he needs to as a politician while the Reverend says what he needs to as a pastor. Why no one has translated this to 'Obama lies to get what he wants while I lie to get what I want' is a big miss to me. In no way, to me, does this really reflect on Obama, but Obama is unfortunately going to have to address this again. Someone should also ask the Reverend what it is he has to lie about to his parishioners. He is simply a disaster, and unfortunately for a candidate that could not be more interesting to watch. I wasn't going to vote for him or Hillary, but I love watching the two of them in this race. I hate that the Reverend is collecting on his 15 minutes right now as Obama and his supporters represent a better part of America than does this foolish pastor.

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