Monday, May 05, 2008



PETA wants Eight Belles jockey suspended after filly's death: "PETA faxed a letter Sunday to Kentucky's racing authority claiming the filly was 'doubtlessly injured before the finish' and asked that Saez be suspended while Eight Belles' death is investigated.
'What we really want to know, did he feel anything along the way?' PETA spokeswoman Kathy Guillermo said. 'If he didn't then we can probably blame the fact that they're allowed to whip the horses mercilessly.'
Eight Belles trainer Larry Jones said the filly was clearly happy when she crossed the finish line.
'I don't know how in the heck they can even come close to saying that,' Jones told The Associated Press on Sunday. 'She has her ears up, clearly galloping out.'"

The PETA folks could not possibly know what happened, and they make that clear by saying "doubtlessly" followed by an "if-then". They have no more understanding of what or how than the man on the moon. It was sad for many of us watching, but to blame the jockey or act like they could know any more than the rest of us is silly. That is my normal reservation with groups like this. They rush to the absurd.

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