Thursday, May 08, 2008


An Unbelievable Pitch for the Presidency


What? I am not quite sure how to appropriately respond to this. She certainly has to know better, but that almost makes a statement like this worse, knowing better and saying it anyway. Once again, we have the Clinton's raising race as a voting issue. That is in such stark contrast to the "dream" and to who Americans aspire to be. Really, it is just offensive. Also, this makes it very, very clear that she can no longer blame Bill's statements earlier on in the campaign on him going off on his own. I didn't buy that anyway as they are the king and queen of strategy. Not much is ever said that hasn't been weighed heavily, if not polled. This, it is clearer now, is their strategy. Sick.
I understand that, in desperation, people will say and do things that otherwise would be on the top of their list to condemn. In this situation, however, her better pitches to the American people have been dropped in exchange for this base and profoundly disgusting discourse. She should be discussing how she has been able to work with Senators of all stripes and each party effectively. In fact, those Senators who were probably more inclined to dislike her have spoken out in her favor over the last several years. No, no, she doesn't appeal to a country desirous of togetherness with her ability for it. No, she appeals to the much less evolved among us. Shame on the "first black president and the first black first lady".

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