Saturday, June 14, 2008


Russert Remembered


Drudge's headline is perfect. Two days before Father's Day for the man who consistently reminded us of just what an impact our fathers have on us was the saddest of ironies. I bought three copies of Big Russ and Me, one for myself, one for my father, and one for my grandmother. I am not a big reader, not as much as I would like, but this was a cover-to-cover read for me. I felt like I was being educated on how to live a good life, to be a good person.
Not a religious Meet the Press viewer, I still watched pretty often. He really was one of the best interviewers on television. I think one of the things we all liked about him was that he was a lot like all of us. He was a normal guy who interviewed people in power in terms we could understand. He was rightly proud of his own ability to do that, and often gave credit for that approach to his father, Big Russ. In fact, he often gave credit for much of his accomplishment and particular wins to Big Russ and others.
I hope that his son, Luke, Big Russ, and his wife can take comfort in Tim's grand impact on the world far beyond politics. Through his books and his appearances, he made many of us better people.

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